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A Letter, To My Daughter, On Her Wedding Day

Posted by Mo on February 2, 2010 at 11:25 PM

A Letter, To My Daughter, On Her Wedding Day

???? I?ve watched you grow from when you were, trying to do everything in your power to keep from coming into this world, then growing into a little girl who I didn?t ever think was going to be potty trained, so you could stay in Miss Maureen?s room at daycare, because you didn?t want to leave her.

???? Growing a little more into a grade school child, who I swore was going to be a fashion designer someday, and we called you, ? Punky Brewster,? because of the rather interesting hair styles you would come up with. One or two ponytails weren?t enough sometimes, it had to be three or four, all in different directions, sometimes all on one side, sometimes all on top. It didn?t matter, as long as, it was as many as you wanted, where you wanted them. I won?t ever forget the many times; I would sit, and put your hair in little tiny braids, all over your head.

???? Then you grew a little more and started to make friends for the first time, first there was Becky and her sister Katie, in England, Nikki, who lived across the hall in Germany, then Nicci, from Maryland and Jessica. Who are here today, to share in your special day, like many days in the past, regardless, of how many miles may have been between you. They have ended up being your lifetime best friends, and I know you will keep each other close in your hearts and in your minds forever, there were even more girlfriends, Kristi, Trista, and Kristan, just to name a few.

???? Then also as you grew, the men started coming into your life, other than your fathers. There was your first crush, when you were just 3 years old, you said you were always going to marry, when you grew up, a much older man, Jim Ollinger, whom we called Ollie, who ended up breaking your heart, for a blonde, much closer to his own age, he met on his birthday. Then, there was Robert Flansburg, who we knew as Bones, who just had to get you that $40 Jean Jacket, for your birthday, that he thought you just couldn?t live without. Then, there was Larry Harkins, who use to read you stories, from your favorite books, and was so determined to get you to sit on Santa?s lap, that he paid you five dollars. Then, there?s your Uncle Jack, who gave you, your first and only swirly, you have ever had in your life.

???? Then, as there always is, in every life, the heartaches and hurt, of lost friends and family members, death stole from you, and others, it seemed like the time you had with them was entirely to short, or you never got the chance, to really know, because when you first met them, you were to young, to remember them. Some of those, just to name a few were, your Grandpa Bowman, who saved you from the washer & dryer swallowing you, when you flipped yourself over head first in your baby seat. Christopher, whom, is now in heaven, flying with the Angels, with his own Angel Wings, instead of singing, ?I Believe I Can Fly. Who was taken from this life, before he had the chance, to live life and experience, some of the things, you have been blessed to do and see.

???? Then, of course, there was the one special lady, everyone knew as Granny T. Who would practically give anybody, anything, if they needed it, and always had iced tea?and cookies for her grandchildren. She will always be the one, remembered, for calling you ?Apple Cheeks.? Then there are your Great Grandparents, who you got to know, some you did not get to know, but love the same, as the rest. Because they have contributed, to whom you are today, in each of their own, special ways.

???? There is also, the once in a lifetime happening, you were blessed to be part of, when we found Uncle Norm, his wife Pat & his sister Betty. Whom we knew were out there, somewhere, but did not think, we would ever meet. These, are just to name a few, you were fortunate enough, to have touch your life, in so many different ways, that they are countless. Even though they may not be here physically, they are here, to share in your special day, wishing you and Tony, a lifetime of love, joy and happiness together.

???? Now comes the part of this letter, which will be the hardest for me. Just like your dads?, who walked you down the aisle, to give you away. I too, have to give you away, in a sense. There are so many things, I?ve tried to teach you, protect you from, and show you how to do. I could not possibly list them all.

???? The one thing, I have never tried to protect you from, is love. Love of family, friends, and now, the love, you share with, your husband Tony.

???? I could not be happier for you. I do wish you both, the best you could ever possibly have and hope for.


I Love You!



Written By: Mo, of Mo Green Coutry, June 2006

Categories: Short Stories and Poetry

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